Airborne High Speed Printers: ToughWriter® 4

Airborne High-Speed Printer

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  • Meets or exceeds ARINC 744A requirements
  • High speed, high resolution printing
  • Ideally suited for commercial & military aircraft
  • PostScript® 3.0 compatible
  • Standard ARINC 429 and 10BaseT Ethernet ports
  • Multiple configurations available


The ToughWriter 4 airborne printer from Astro-Med is designed for both cockpit and cabin environments. The ToughWriter 4 gives you the clearest, most readable printouts of any printer in use today.

Updated Technology

The ToughWriter 4 is the fourth generation airborne printer from Astro-Med, and it uses the latest technology to provide the ideal airborne printing solution. From its high resolution, direct thermal printing process to the fast microprocessor to the upgraded PostScript® 3.0 page description language, the ToughWriter 4 gives it all to you in a compact package.

High Quality Printer

The measure of quality for any printer is the printout. We’ve been designing and perfecting thermal printers for over twenty years and our experience and know-how shows. Using the latest printing technology, the ToughWriter 4 gives you crisp, uniform printing on 8.5-inch roll paper perforated every 11 inches. From 40, 80 or 132 column text printing to full graphic printing with PostScript®3.0, the ToughWriter 4 is up for any challenge you can give it. It handles both A4 and B4 paper widths, ideal for multinational airlines.


The ToughWriter 4 was designed to withstand the demands of the commercial aircraft environment. With the increasing demand for fast gate turnaround, you need a printer that you can depend on, one that will be ready to go when you are. The ToughWriter 4 does that and more. With a Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of 10,000 hours, you are assured of high reliability.

Multiple configurations

There are multiple versions of the ToughWriter 4 to fit the varying demands of commercial aircraft. There are various front panel button configurations to meet all of your Human Factors requirements. Additionally, versions are available with one or two Ethernet ports, particularly important if you have redundancy requirements or are printing from multiple sources. Further, NVIS (Night Vision Imaging System) display lighting is available.  Finally, different front panel colors are available to match your cockpit or cabin color scheme.